dimarts, 24 de maig de 2011


Sortida:  Girona (Barcelona) 29 de maig a les 22:05.
Arribada:  Londres-Stansted a les  23:15
Preu: 58,16 en total

DAY 1: Quan vaig baixa de l'avio, vaig agafar un taxi fins al hotel i em vaig adormir fins que es va fer de dia. Quan em vaig aixecar em vaig dutxa i vaig baixa a baix per esmorzar en el hotel. Quan vaig acabar vaig anar de compras i em vaig compra moltes coses. Vaig deixa les coses i vaig anar a passejar per la ciutat vaig veure moltes coses com torres , estructures ... Vaig dinar en un restaurant i cuan vaig acabar

» Impostos i tarifes13,68EUR
» Aviation Insurance/PRM Levy6,49EUR

dimarts, 17 de maig de 2011


PART 1:  1:Information desk/ Ask about her sister flight
                 2:Go to the first floor/ to the duty-free shops and get more imformation 
                 3:Go in a shop/restaurant and find out that the junitor can held 
                 4:We can go to passport control and talk to policie 
                5:Go back to the duty-free shop and find the junitor 
                6:We go back to passport control because we heart shuts 
               7:We take a remote control and go in the vertilation sharft
PART 2 1:Talk to the janitor and  find  out I need to go to medical center so I go right 
              2: I see the medical roomand go strainght
              3: I arrive to the where the vampires are they talk making the humans become vampires 
             4:We find where Mrs Hackett is 
             5:I need a doctor disguise 
         6: Go back to the shop, exchange money and buy a fishing rod and things. I peed to become a doctor.
            7: Enter rom and save my sister. 

dimarts, 5 d’abril de 2011


To ask directions
Excuse me, how can I  get to ...?= si us plau com s'arriba a..?

 To give directions
Go straight on =Ves recta
 Turn right on =Gira a la dreta
Turn left on =Gira a l'esquerda
Pass the street light =passa al samafor
Take the roundabout =Agafa la rotonda

_Excuse me, how can I get to the bookstore, please?
_Go straight on Pine street. Then turn right on Main street. The book store is opposite the Movie Theater.

_Excuse me, how can I get to the jewelystore, please?
_Go straight on Pine street. Then turn left on First Avenue. Then jewerlystore is opposite the Women's wear.

dimarts, 22 de febrer de 2011



Ingredients:   Flour,  tomatoes, tuna, salt, yeast, hot water, spices and cheesse.

Steps of cooking:  
1. Put flour, yeast, salt and hot water in the bowl.
2.Mix the ingredients.
Wait 1/2 hour to raise the batter.
Shape the pizza .
Put the tomato, tuna , spias and chesse on top.

Ingredient: For 8 pancakes  

Steps of cooking:  
Place the flour,sugar, raising agent and royal in a large bowl.
Beat the eggs. Add it with milk and stir 
  Must be a liquid mass rather than mayonnaise  Unless oil. Do not expect much, is already in 10 min pasta ready
Put in a frying pan. Put in butter that melt, and throw a little ready
With a spoon fill it half and throw it in the pan very hot. When bubbles begin to leave, take it around...
2 cups flour, 1/2 cup whole wheat, 4cl milk, 2 eggs,  4 tablespoons of soup soperas, raising agent, butter, margarine oli

dimarts, 8 de febrer de 2011


Yesterday ,I ate for breacfast cereals, milk, bread and eggs.  For  lunch I ate chicken and frech fries ,salad and banana. Finally for dinner I ate pizza and orange.                                                                                               I a
I eat healthy because  I ate 3 serving of cereals, bread and pizza.